An exceptional score on the LSAT can be life-changing.

The LSAT can make or break a law school application. The test is potentially more valuable to an applicant than four years of college grades. to It provides a consistent standard by which law school admissions officers can judge applicants; it weeds out the applicants that do not have the foresight to properly prepare.

The LSAT is no cakewalk. The test is three and a half hours of brutal logic questions that intimidate even the brightest of students. You are then required to create a unique writing sample based on a set of facts given in a prompt. The LSAT is long, exhausting, and just plain difficult. But it can be beat. We can help you defeat this test.

How you prepare for the LSAT matters. A lot.

Gainesville LSAT provides one-on-one LSAT tutoring. We work through actual LSATs, practice problems, and a curriculum specifically designed for you.

Each session will be catered to your needs, addressing how to best utilize your individual strengths and how to overcome your weaknesses. Entire lessons have been written to help a single student overcome a single, important obstacle. We do not offer a cookie-cutter course; every hour of tutoring a student receives is uniquely crafted for that student.

No two students receive the same training because no two students are exactly alike.

A superior score requires superior preparation.

All Gainesville LSAT students are tutored entirely by the founder of the company and University of Florida alumnus, Blake Moore. Blake took the LSAT in September 2014 and scored a 175. To put that score in perspective, it’s two points above the median at Harvard Law and well in the the 99th percentile. Blake knows the LSAT.

After enrollment, new students will take a free diagnostic exam. The exam allows us to begin designing a course specifically tailored to that student. We will then meet regularly for in-person lessons. After lessons, the student will be provided with practice problems and previous LSATs to practice with in between lessons. And of course, the practice problems and LSATs assigned are determined by each student’s individual needs.

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