I believe that students deserve more than a cookie-cutter course, especially when preparing for a test as important as the LSAT. I believe that with the right instructions, most students are capable of excelling. I believe that by helping students achieve their law school dreams we are helping people change their lives for the better. That’s why Gainesville LSAT was created; that’s why Gainesville LSAT provides the best LSAT tutoring available.

In September 2014, I took the LSAT and scored a 175. To put that score in perspective, it’s two points above the median at Harvard Law and well in the the 99th percentile. I know the LSAT.

But I didn’t start with a 175. The score I got on my first practice test was a 155. It took a lot of work for me to get my score up to the 99th percentile. So I understand how it feels to be frustrated with the LSAT. And I know how to help my students improve.

In my free time, I typically hang out with my wife and kids. I also occasionally write fiction, including an award-winning short-story. But mostly, I’m helping my students do better on the LSAT.