LSAT questions can be extremely difficult. This is news to no one who has actually taken the test (or even a PrepTest). And this is not just an issue of timing. Many of the questions are difficult to understand even when the time constraints are gone. The test really is that hard.

This presents a problem to the dedicated LSAT student: How are you supposed to learn from your PrepTests if you can’t understand why you missed the questions? The solution is expert explanations. I used to provide those explanations one-on-one as a tutor, but I now offer them for free on this blog.

Every once in a while, I will post an explanation for one of the test questions. And when I do, I’ll catalog those questions on this post, sorted by PrepTest number. I likely won’t be able to get to every question from every test, but over time I hope to build a nice database of explanations for my readers.

My focus will be on logical reasoning questions, but I may occasionally post an explanation for a logic game or reading comprehension passage. I will also try to focus on recent tests, although I may occasionally take a look at one of the older questions.

LSAT PrepTest Question Explanations

LSAT PrepTest 52

LSAT PrepTest 53
LSAT Question Explanations
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